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The Villa zone Yarema is located at the altitude of 1300 meters, near to Sofia. It is situated at the south slope of Vitosha Mountain and it is a point of connection between five mountains: Vitosha, Rila, Verila, Plana and Lozen Mountain. Villa zone Yarema is a calm and ecologically clean locality with crystal air at the heart of pine forest, making it perfect for all season stay. Tired of traffic gams, horns, city noise and dirty air, the inhabitants of the city are often looking for places, near to Sofia, in order to escape for a couple of days from their busy life. Villa zone Yarema and in particular Luxury villa Borina suggests everything opposite of the big city: silence, clean air, wonderful nature and amazing coziness among the beautiful nature of Vitosha Mountain. This is a place where each of us could relax and get filled with positive energy.




         Yarema Villa Zone, 2023

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