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Opportunities to diversify the stay

10 km away from the villa is located Equestrian Center Adgor offering different rides depending on the age and the expertise. There you could take some riding lessons or just enjoy a trial riding or a riding trip.

The spa resort Belchin is located only 20 km away from Villa Borina. The resort has thermal waters - 41°C, with proven preventive and curative effects on the musculoskeletal system and skin dermatitis. There you could visit a Spa center with indoor pools open during the whole year, outdoor pools with water attractions, carting track and paintball court.


You could enjoy a wonderful panoramic flight from Belchin airport (located near Belchin village). You would see some breathtaking views of the nearby landmarks- Musala peak, Maliovitsa peak, the Seven Rila Lakes, Black Peak and dam Iskar

  • Route 1: Yarlovska river
  • Route 2: Gradishte peak
  • Route 3: Hut Fizkulturnik
  • Route 4: Plana village

More information can be found on site at Villa Borina.

The chapel of “Saint Kipriyan’’ is located at about 50 meters from the last houses in neighborhood Turmachka in the village of Plana. It is one of the most photographed chapels in Bulgaria. There, you will enjoy a wonderful panoramic view of Rila and Vitosha Mountains. It’s a perfect place for picnic. The other interesting landmark in the village of Plana is the Sofia Stupa - a Buddhist temple symbolizing the perfect harmony in the universe. The tope brings welfare and makes dreams come true, but not all dreams, only the ones of people with good intentions.

Tsari Mali Grad is a cultural and historical complex, built on the top of a hill. This is a Roman fortress, which is unique for Bulgaria and is the only one with a rampart and a moat. You can see an exhibition of wall cannons, Roman military armor, restored original artifacts - horseshoes, collars, bells, ancient coins, many jewelry and more. In the complex is the completely restored medieval church "St. Petka”. For the younger visitors the big attraction

Riding a mountain bike is a very good sport as it combines physical exercise and adventure experience. There is a possibility to rent a bike.

It is situated at about 40 km from Villa Borina. The city has the hottest mineral water in Europe. In the center, on the square, is the only geyser of its kind on the Balkan peninsula with hot mineral water (+103 degrees Celsius), and the water column reach 18 meters in height. In the city you can visit outdoors hot pools with mineral water.

The springs are located 2 km northeast from the Zheleznitsa village. The hike from the village to the springs could be described as a pleasant walk of about an hour- hour and a half. The temperature of the water is 28 degrees and it arises from 12 small springs. The water is weakly mineralized with hydrocarbonate-sulphate sodium composition and has a beneficial effect on

  • The Seven Rila Lakes
  • Maliovitsa hut
  • Black rock
  • Chakur Voivode hut
  • peak Musala

For hiking lovers, we offer all day mountain hikes with an experienced mountain guide. The itineraries could be organized for a group of minimum 5 people.

The ski season starts in the middle of December and ends in April. The resort is at a distance of 40 km from Villa Borina which gives you the opportunity to travel every day from the villa to the slopes.

  • Medieval temple of ‘’Saint Petka’’
  • Church “Holy Apostles Peter and Pavel”
  • Ethnographic Museum
  • Allino Monastery and Stronghold
  • Roman sarcophagus ‘’Momata’’
  • Church ‘’Saint Dimitar The Thessalonian’’– village Klisura
  • Ancient roman city Serdika – 27 km away

  • Rila Monastery -105 km

Sofia Airport is located 25 km. from Villa zone Yarema and luxury villa Borina. The road from Sofia to Villa zone Yarema passes through picturesque villages located on the northern slope of Vitosha Mountain, passes by Plana Mountain to reach the south slope of Vitosha Mountain where in the beautiful Villa zone Yarema is the paradise - luxury villa Borina. The proximity to Sofia of the Villa zone Yarema allows for year-round use of the luxury villa Borina.


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