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Luxury villa Borina is a peace of heaven located in the villa zone of Yarema. It combines luxе, comfort and coziness. Luxury villa Borina has a wonderful garden, which perfectly fits the surrounding nature of Vitosha Mountain, Plana Mountain and in particular of Villa zone Yarema. The beauty of each season, the surrounding natural environment of Vitosha Mountain and Plana Mountain makes the Villa zone Yarema a favorite vacation spot near Sofia, as a luxury villa Borina offers the opportunity to turn this vacation into something exceptional.

In the garden you will find yourself among a variety of vegetation and flowers, arranged in groups, and between them a beautiful ennobled grass. The garden has a covered gazebo large enough to accommodate all guests. The fountain with an artificial river, located next to the gazebo, with the murmur of water, create the feeling that you are alone in nature. The wooden pile house is extremely suitable for children, but not only. You can even sleep in it and watch the starry sky. The swing and hammock between the pines are also separate relaxation areas in the garden of Villa Borina.



With the onset of spring comes the time to go out amidst nature. There are many places suitable for this around Sofia. The guest house Borina offers the opportunity to enjoy the spring as you relax and recharge with positive energy in its unique garden. Spring around Sofia is always wonderful. The greening of the trees is continuous and due to the presence of evergreen pine forest it becomes imperceptible. Spring flowers wake up and begin to bring delight to nature lovers with their beautiful colours. The birds begin to sound the forest with their song, making those that have chosen to be in Villa Borina, to feel as if they are not somewhere around Sofia, but rather in a magical place. If you want you can take a walk, ride a bike or something else, and the possibilities are very diverse.


It is not very pleasant to be in the city during the summer season. Fortunately, around Sofia there are places where everyone can escape from the city for a few days. One of those places is villa zone Yarema and our Guest House. The summer is extremely nice and fresh with day temperatures of about 25 degrees having nothing to do with the sweltering heat in Sofia. The climate allows you to spend your time in the wonderful garden of Villa Borina, surrounded by pristine nature. In case you wish to have some entertainment you have numerous options. Riding bikes and having walks are preferred activities for the guests during the summer. The river, the eco trails and the itineraries with different lengths are giving you the option to choose the one which would fit the best of your preferences. Near the area you may find activities like horse riding, driving an ATV, visiting cultural landmarks, thermal pools, airport for private air tours, etc.


The autumn is always beautiful, but in the mountains around Sofia, it is truly magnificent. The leaves of the trees get decorated in such a variety of colours that they take a person's breath away. The villa zone Yarema is one of those places, around and close to Sofia, where one can best see and feel the beauty of the autumn. In the garden of Villa Borina, the feeling of the autumn is something extraordinary. The leaves, painted in yellow and brown, perched on the green lawn, the arranged bushes and plants, the autumn flowers and the surrounding pine forest give you the feeling that you can fly. The songs of the birds preparing for the coming winter are the only noise heard. On cooler evenings you can enjoy the coziness and warmth of indoor fireplaces located in Guest House Borina. And what to do and what to have fun with when you are in Villa Borina, this is something that everyone decides for themselves, the possibilities are countless.


During the winter, Sofia is often covered with smog and you can rarely see the sun. Not far away from Sofia, going up in the mountains, you can reach the villa zone of Yarema, where our guest house - Borina is located. There, the climate during the winter is mild. The lack of pollution and sun baths would make you feel like it’s a different season or you are on a different planet. The snow purity and the crystal air combined with the clear sky and sun rays reflecting at the snow are making an impression of warmth during the day. When the sun has set and the temperatures are going down, Villa Borina offers three fireplaces- one outside and two inside, and the most innovative heating system – a heat pump which perfectly covers all needs and makes an impression of unique coziness, comfort and warmth. In case you need or wish to have some entertainment, you may go skiing in the winter resort of Borovets. The resort is only 40 km far from Villa Borina which makes it suitable for everyday travel from the villa to the slopes. Another pleasure you may take advantage of is visiting a Spa center and thermal indoor pool in Belchin village. It is about 20 km from the villa.


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